Congratulations – You Are Now The Mayor of The STD Clinic

Queue the “Promiscuous Girl” song. 

Yes, you too can become the mayor of your local STD clinic.  Sounds too good to be true but I promise it’s real.  Foursquare and MTV are teaming up for the first ever cause related badge – STD testing.

The badge is part of MTV’s “GYT” (Get Yourself Tested) campaign.  They’re trying to remove the stigma attached to getting checked for STDs.  So, I guess they’re throwing you a bone 🙂 and offering a badge to the brave one’s that broadcast that they’re at the clinic getting tested.

The “GYT” campaign will kick off in September 2010.

Any bets on whether they’ll capitalize on the popularity of “Jersey Shore” and use the guys to launch the campaign?

P.S.  Relax.  Your doctor called and it’s only a rash.

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