What’s The Big Deal About Burning A Crayon

I’m such a geek. I laughed at this for about 10 minutes, then called my wife over to read it, but she didn’t find it as funny.  What do you think?

The image above is pretty big so I included the transcript below for anyone with a slow connection or mobile browser.

[Reddit user WetHotAmerican]: What is the big deal about burning a crayon?

The news keeps talking about some dude down in Florida who is going to burn a bunch of crayons. Can somebody please explain to me the controversy behind this?

[Reddit user jonnymark]:  Something about Mausoleums and a Seven-11.  Apparently they hate Juice.

[Reddit user Laszlo K]: I think it’s because they want to put a mask around Zorro. He already wears a mask so I don’t get the fuss.

[Reddit user WetHotAmerican]: I heard Mel Gibson can’t stand juice.

[Reddit user nerdhappy]: Mel thinks the juice killed cheeses.

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