The Rent Is Too Damn High Song


Long overdue “Rent Is Too DAMN High” collaboration from the awesome folks at Schmoyoho.

I’ll Link To That


Check out this week’s compilation of some interesting links that I wanted to share with you.

Facebook Wants You To ‘Like’ More Stuff, Officially Launches ‘Page Browser’

Facebook takes a page out of the Netflix interface and creates a Page Browser to suggest Pages that may interest you.


The Future of Facebook Credits

Great . . . → Read More: I’ll Link To That

Facebook Down Again


Quick Post: Looks like Facebook is doing their best twitter impersonation and is experiencing downtime for the 2nd time in as many days. No word yet on the cause of the problem or when it will be fixed.

Update 3:04 CST: Facebook’s developer site is reporting latency issues:

Current Status: API Latency Issues

We are . . . → Read More: Facebook Down Again

Can Twitter’s EarlyBird Leverage Real-Time Conversations for Better Deals?


Twitter’s recent launch of EarlyBird is still in it’s infancy and it has only offered 5 deals up to this point, but Twitter is already learning how to improve the products and services being offered.

So, how can they make it even better? By listening.

Twitter is testing ways to partner with clients to offer . . . → Read More: Can Twitter’s EarlyBird Leverage Real-Time Conversations for Better Deals?

Becoming a Member of the Community


I came across a great article on Vinicius Vacanti‘s blog about how he became a member of the NY tech community. The networking lessons and tips in the article are general and can be applied to other niches/communities.

Check out the link to Vinicius’ full article.

I Sure Could Go For a Cheeseburger Smoothie


So how ridiculous does that sound? A cheeseburger smoothie. So mouth watering and brown. mmmmm.

Jamba Juice is taking a shot at McDonalds for their recent move into the smoothie market. McDonalds is now selling “Real Fruit” smoothies (that are actually made from purees). Jamba Juice is basically saying that McDonalds move into the . . . → Read More: I Sure Could Go For a Cheeseburger Smoothie

Time To Recognize

Big shout out to my friends at the Functional Athlete in Countryside, IL.  They have several personal trainers that have been getting some amazing results with youth & collegiate athletes as well as everyday people looking to improve their health & wellness.  If you're in the Chicagoland area and are looking to improve your fitness, be sure to check out their gym. 

Chicagoland Roofing Contractor

To my friends in the Chicagoland area... If you're ever in need of a roofing contractor in Wheeling, IL please please please check out my friend Mr. Roof & Remodeling. I can't recommend this company enough. They'll take care of you as well as they did me.