Storm Front


I found this not so scary storm front courtesy of the Wundermap. What do you think?

Chosen By God & a 2/3 Majority

Chosen by God and a two-thirds majority


This is a fitting picture for the new pope that was chosen/elected today.

Image Source

Well played Amazon

Amazon Binder Sale After Romney Loss


I visited after the Presidential debates to read some funny reviews about binders and how many women you can fit in there and today you send me this email:

Is it ironic that they’re having a binder sale the day after Romney lost?

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Gangnam Style Parody – Music Video Without The Music


So by now you’ve most likely seen or heard Gangnam Style by Psy. But have you ever wondered what it would sound like without the music? Check out the Gangnam Style parody below for the music video without the music.

AutoTune The Election


The creativity and production skills of people nowadays is amazing. Check out the site below for a collection of Presidential Autotunes. Autotune The

Will The World End In 2012

Will The World End In 2012

2012 will turn out to be this decades Y2K, so feel free to share this video with your friends that keep preaching this end of the world nonsense. . . . → Read More: Will The World End In 2012

Hillbillies Dancing To 50 -This Is How We Do


Don’t ever let anybody tell you that Hillbillies can’t tear up the dance floor. I’d like to see some more remixes like this.

Source: Youtube & Liveleaks

Best Thing I’ve Ever Read


So, this isn’t THE best thing I’ve ever read, but it is the subject line to the email I just received.

I love receiving funny emails that I can share with you. I just wish I knew the original source so they could receive proper credit. (Please comment below if you know the source.)


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Cartoon of the Year?


It may be early but I believe this political cartoon from Clay Bennett, of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, should be considered in the running for Cartoon of the Year.

Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press


Homeless Guy With A Golden Voice – Ted Williams


Ted Williams is the newest Internet celebrity after his video went viral yesterday. What’s different about his story is that Ted is homeless and down on his luck, but oh what a difference a day (and a viral video) makes.

Fate would have it that he was “discovered” on the side of the road . . . → Read More: Homeless Guy With A Golden Voice – Ted Williams

Time To Recognize

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