Awesome Potential Of SixthSense Technology

At TEDIndia, Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data — including a deep look at his SixthSense device and a new, paradigm-shifting paper “laptop”. . . . → Read More: Awesome Potential Of SixthSense Technology

8 Comical Ways How Technology Changed Our Relationships


Hi, my name is Vinnie and I’m a techie. I love technology. Plain and simple, but there’s no doubt that it can affect the relationships in our lives. So, here are a few, fun, examples of its impact on relationships from across the web:

Forgive Me Father For I Have Uploaded

source: TED – . . . → Read More: 8 Comical Ways How Technology Changed Our Relationships

I’ll Link To That


Check out this week’s compilation of some interesting links that I wanted to share with you.

Facebook Wants You To ‘Like’ More Stuff, Officially Launches ‘Page Browser’

Facebook takes a page out of the Netflix interface and creates a Page Browser to suggest Pages that may interest you.


The Future of Facebook Credits

Great . . . → Read More: I’ll Link To That

Google Instant Goes Live, Search Results Even Faster


How do you make an already fast search engine even faster? Add “instant” results.

Google Instant is a huge update to Google’s search engine capabilities that has added a search-before-you-type functionality. It attempts to predict your search query and provides “instant” search results while you type.

How has this improved on their search capabilities? . . . → Read More: Google Instant Goes Live, Search Results Even Faster

Links You Should Know About


Google Public Policy Blog: Facts about our network neutrality policy proposal

Google has been taking some serious heat these last few days after announcing their joint proposal with Verizon. In the latest installment Google takes another attempt at explaining their reason for backing this proposal.


Track Social Media Campaigns with Microsoft Excel

The folks . . . → Read More: Links You Should Know About

Google, Verizon & Net Neutrality


Within the last week there have been many rumors, arguments and public outrage for what some believe is an attempt by Google & Verizon to circumvent Net Neutrality.

The story hit the mainstream when the NY Times published an article stating the two were “nearing an agreement that could allow Verizon to speed some online . . . → Read More: Google, Verizon & Net Neutrality

Time To Recognize

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