Homeless Guy With A Golden Voice – Ted Williams

Ted Williams is the newest Internet celebrity after his video went viral yesterday. What’s different about his story is that Ted is homeless and down on his luck, but oh what a difference a day (and a viral video) makes.

Fate would have it that he was “discovered” on the side of the road with a sign stating that he has a “God given gift of voice”. He had been using this gift to survive each day by collecting money from passing motorists. The man that was responsible for changing his life was Columbus Dispatch reporter Doral Chenoweth III.

Chenoweth filmed his encounter with Ted, posted the video on The Columbus Dispatch website and it went viral from there. The local radio station, WNCI 97.9, saw the video and spoke about it on the air and a listener tracked Ted down, had him call the station on her cell phone and they set up an interview with the station today.

The popularity of the video and it’s coverage across the Internet eventually made its way to some very influential people that have made Ted offers of part-time & full-time employment and even a house!

News Coverage (Links courtesy of shiggiddie on Reddit)

So, the good folks at the Cleveland Cavaliers organization and Quicken Loans Arena have offered Ted a full-time job and a mortgage on a home. How awesome is that?!?

At the time of this posting there is no word on whether Ted has accepted any offers. If he does accept the Cavaliers job then let’s hope he doesn’t take his talents to South Beach after his contract is up.

God Bless you Ted!

3 comments to Homeless Guy With A Golden Voice – Ted Williams

  • Viral sensation-turned-overnight sensation Ted Williams is using that golden voice to speak up about his instant-celebrity status and the challenges it has caused. “I just wanted to take advantage of every media outlet that I could for the sake of not .

  • (Which got me psyched for the new 2011 fall lineup, including promising new series like Bus Stop and Homeless Guy Scratching His…Oh My God He’s Doing That in Public?!) Then of course it all clicked into place: It’s a metaphor! …

  • Like in New York, you’ll see a homeless guy walk into a Barnes & Noble and they just go “Get the fuck out of here!” He can’t even walk in and I can walk into anywhere. When I walk into a Ritz, they say “Welcome back, sir.” They just look at me and just …

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