Why I’m Happy That This Facebook Spammer Was Fined $1 Billion

Q: What do you get when you post over four million spam messages on the walls of Facebook?

A: How about  a $100 fine for each message.

Q: What do you get when you’re a scumbag profiting off of the humiliation and degradation of others.

A: Adam Guerbuez

Looks like self-admitted former Neo-Nazi Adam Guerbuez is getting more attention for being an asshole.  Please excuse my language but this guy really bothers me.

Guerbuez was recently ordered to pay Facebook approx $1 Billion US (including punitive damages and US/Canadian exchange rate) after using a computer program to post over four million, explicit, products ranging from marijuana to penis-enlargement products.

Look.  Flat out.  Spam sucks.  We all hate it.  I’m glad he was punished for it, but that’s not the main reason I don’t like this guy.

According to the Montreal Mirror Guerbuez previously gained negative attention after making and selling videos of thugs assaulting homeless people and persuading them to perform exploitative acts.

Warning – some of the descriptions below are fairly vulgar and crude.

The Montreal Mirror reports:

“The video, which was taped over the last two years, features scenes of two young men with shaved heads dousing unsuspecting vagrants and drug addicts with a liquid. Other sequences feature the men slapping a homeless man, marginals being paid to urinate on passing vehicles, flash their nude bodies on crowded streets, inject various substances and participate in brutal fights. “

Guerbuez, an admitted neo-nazi skinhead who says he left the movement, created a website to sell the videos.  He claims he sold several thousand videos at $20 each.  He admitted the videos were hardcore but said, “if I ever found out anything isn’t legal, I wouldn’t put it on.”

He claims he never participated in the “milkings” (throwing liquid in the face of unsuspecting people) but he solicited the footage from others that he met in online chat rooms. “We thought it was pretty hardcore”, said Guerbuez.  “These guys went out of their way to impress us, so what are we going to do, disregard it? Pretend we never got it?”

He said his favorite scenes involve paying extremely poor people to perform vulgar acts for his camera. “What cracks me up is getting the bums to go into the street and strip. We went out on St-Denis at prime time, when the clubs were packed, and paid a guy 20 bucks to moon the Bar Picasso. He pulled out his shlong and let his dick hang out.” In another scene, “We went in front of the Eaton Centre and got a squeegee kid to urinate on a driver’s windshield while a girl gets on top of the car buck naked.”

Somewhere in life this guy started down the wrong path and apparently he’s content with continuing the journey.

Sources: [Anti-Racist Canada & Montreal Mirror]

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